• Realization of plastic shaped in clay
  • Drying
  • The first firing
  • Application of the enamel base (tiled)by immersion
  • Preparation of colors and design
  • Application of crystalline spray
  • The second firing

The majolica technique is very old. It ‘s the same as majolica four-five hundred, characterized by the application on the article already baked in clay to 1020 ° c, called “biscuit”, enamel stannifero (tiled) on which runs the design, then covered in a spray of substance white glass, the “crystalline” .Quest’ultima, fusing during the second firing (940 ° c) gives the surface brilliance typical of tiles.

The colors used are metal oxides. It ‘funny how some of these colors to change the tone after the second firing, reserving every time a surprise final effect.


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