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“Percorsi” – Solo Exhibition by Giulia Gorlova at “La Rocca”, Center for Contemporary Art, Piazza Fortebraccio Umbertide (Perugia) Italy.  08.10. – 06.11.2016 Curated by Dino del Vecchio. Patrocini: Comune Umbertide and Regione Umbria. “…By the present Exhibition taking place at The Rocca, seat of our Contemporary Art Museum, the Municipal Administration of Umbertide attends to the artworks belonging to the wide panorama of creativity offered by the contemporary artist Giulia Gorlova and by her, focuses the topical of art, through a very ancient expressive medium such as ceramic, which has been re-interpreted in an new and different way by our artist herself…The research of our artist develops a course starting from that instant when the particular creative spark lights up, being nothing but inspiration, going to from a connection with the observer that become almost a dialogue, in which the expositive syntax makes itself visual through the expressiveness of materials, of colours, of signs on ceramics supports and of the combinations. The exhibited works actually embody the essence of a never ending journey, just the one of the artist: it’s research and experimentation, entusiasm and passion curiocity and astonishment, love and devotion. The exhibition on the whole tells about the emotions of an artist, who, through the rare sensibility making her off, succeeds in being herself surprised and in surprising and finally in catching the most hidden meanings of things” (R. Violini, Assessore alla Cultura Comune di Umbertide). With “Cotto Etrusco” collaboration. Catalogue available. Texsts by Dino del Vecchio, Raffaela Violini, Riccardo Melotti.

http://www.exibart.com/profilo/eventiV2.asp?idelemento=162936; http://www.comune.umbertide.pg.it/Altre-news/Alla-Rocca-Percorsi-mostra-di-Giulia-Gorlova; https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQcQhR_wqjQ; https://mtartbox.wordpress.com/2016/10/07/percorsi-personale-di-giulia-gorlova-perugia-8-ottobre-6-novembre-2016/

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